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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants – Biosow

20 years of experience

Since 1996 we have been operating in the wastewater sector. We focus mainly on the design, construction and commissioning of equipment for industrial wastewater treatment plants. By investing in a wastewater treatment plant, manufacturing sites can control expenses for wastewater discharge and protect the natural environment. The treatment plants we offer are used in the following industry sectors:

  • meat industry (slaughter and processing of cattle, pigs, and poultry),
  • fruit and vegetable industry,
  • paper industry (manufacturing of cardboard, printing houses),
  • plastic processing (recycling of packaging materials),
  • textile industry (dye houses, laundries),
  • feed manufacturing plants,
  • outpatient clinics (hospitals).

Our other area of expertise is the construction of domestic and sanitary wastewater treatment plants as well as retrofitting and reconditioning of urban wastewater treatment plants. We are constantly improving the quality of our services by offering a top-notch quality of customer services, a wide range of solutions, full technical support and consistency in our operations. To fulfill the expectations and requirements of our Clients, we offer turnkey wastewater treatment plant solutions while supporting the investor in the successful completion of subsequent project stages.

In addition, we currently offer equipment for sludge dewatering and hygienisation, helping many facilities to solve the problem with sludge management. Please visit our website bio-varia.pl in order to get detailed information about this product portfolio. From 2015, we have been offering services in the scope of galvanic line construction.

Firma Biosow

Professional advice

We use our expertise and know-how in the scope of industrial wastewater treatment to offer professional advisory services. This, combined with an individual approach to our Clients, helps to select the best method for the treatment of wastewater originating from production processes. Our priority is to obtain the required results when it comes to environmental protection while optimizing investment and operational costs. Thanks to our experience gained over the years, we can offer comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial wastewater pretreatment and treatment. In order to select the optimum wastewater treatment methods and make use of state-of-the-art technologies, we conduct laboratory tests and examine wastewater in our laboratory during the project’s conceptual stage.


Our design office offers a full service when it comes to the design of structures, plants, equipment and reconciliation of documentation during the construction of wastewater treatment and pretreatment plants as well as systems for the dewatering and hygienization of sludge. Our process equipment is designed, selected and manufactured based on state-of-the-art technologies and materials resistant to corrosion. We equip our plants with user-friendly and easy-to-use automation solutions. We use components from well-established and renowned manufacturers of pumps, automation and measurement devices. Our engineers design wastewater treatment plants with the use of professional design tools.
Our team of engineers is completely dedicated and committed throughout the whole time required for project design and execution. We offer professional installation services for equipment delivered by us as well as personnel training in the scope of equipment operation. The majority of our equipment can be readily installed when delivered to the site. Thus, the time required for assembly is significantly reduced. At the end of the construction phase, we carry out hydraulic and technical commissioning of equipment. Finally, before the plant is put into operation, we conduct training in the scope of its operation and maintenance. We offer our Clients professional guarantee and post-guarantee service.

Solutions on offer:

– basket screens
– channel screens
– container pre-treatment plants equipped with the following:

– rotary brush screen,
– DAF system including all the necessary equipment,
– chemical dosing station,
– flowmeter,
– post-screening wastewater tank with level measurement,
– polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing station,
– control cabinet.

– bath recovery stations
– chamber filter presses for dewatering of sludge
– screw conveyors for dewatered sludge
– reactors – granulators for sludge hygienisation
– lime silos
– screw conveyors for lime
– lime microdosing stations
– belt conveyors for hygienised sludge
– storage tanks
– galvanizing plants equipped with the following: galvanic coating systems, wastewater
neutralizing plants, ventilation systems with air purifiers and discharge stacks.

– galvanic lines
– galvanizing baths (single galvanizing baths, manually operated)
– full range of equipment for paint shops

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